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  2. Burning-in Patterns

    Burning-in Patterns portrays the 83 year old ethnographic filmmaker Hermann Schlenker in his own museum. He completed more than 400 ethnographic films of indigenous communities around the world for the Institute for Scientific Film (IWF) in Göttingen, the BBC, Encyclopaedia Cinematographica (EC) and museums. By using the same techniques he himself used to create his ethnographic films, the resulting film examines the many ambiguities of ethnographic fieldwork, institutional archiving and the conservation of memory. Working within the “gaps” of montage and with the juxtaposition of image, text and sound, the film’s shifting narrative moves between filmic document, recounted memory and the act of staging.

  3. Burning-in Patterns

    25 min, 16 mm color, 2015

    Original idea: Lisa Rave

    Written by Lisa Rave and Anna Vetter

    Camera: Jürgen Haller

    Sound: Jürgen Haller, Anna Vetter

    Montage: Lisa Rave

    Sound editing: Tobias Bilz

    Color grading: Cathleen Schuster

    16mm transfer: Reiner Meyer, Kornmanufaktur, Berlin

    Produced by Whole Wall Films

  4. Production supported by:

    Künstlerinnen Programm des Berliner Senats

    Akademie Schloss Solitude