Erik Blinderman
Lisa Rave ©

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  1. Rocco

    Albenga, Italy 2013

    Erik Blinderman and Lisa Rave

  2. Union Printing


    Erik Blinderman

  3. Na Carrozzella va du Stranieri



    Erik Blinderman

  4. The Tattler and I

    7:30 , 4:00


    Erik Blinderman and Michael Eddy

    Two films documenting a day in Berlin and the newspaper pages of the same date. Mirrors were attached to separate cameras; the mirror in one film created a spy angle lens, filming both in front and the side of the camera simultaneously, from an observational perspective. The second camera's mirror reflected light from the sun, causing the newspaper image to burn as it was being read.

  5. We are stardust, we are golden and we´ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.



    Lisa Rave

    Cinematography: Fern Silva

    Sound: David Horvitz

    „We are stardust, we are golden...“ returns to the grounds where the legendary Woodstock festival took place in 1969. 40 years later, the camera documents the now privatized land and its museum.

  6. Stimmengewirr



    Erik Blinderman

    “Stimmengewirr” which translates to cacophony of voices, documents a weekly Monday evening protest in Frankfurt against a newly enstated smoking ban.  The Monday night protest has become an institution in Germany, after a wave of protests on Mondays that led to German Reunification.